SBA & USDA Lending Solutions

without hiring staff or incurring capital expenditures

Our Services

Windsor Advantage provides a comprehensive outsourced SBA and USDA platform to lending institutions across the Country. This turn-key solution is provided on a variable cost basis with no minimum volume requirements. We define our services across eight functional silos:


Windsor understands that to be successful, Lenders must be sophisticated in their approach to an SBA and USDA strategy. Identifying key markets and industries while maintaining robust risk management and compliance is critical for both operational and regulatory success.

To build a compliant and scalable SBA and USDA lending platform, Lenders must first define its strategy and then implement sufficient technology to allow it to meet the strategy. Windsor provides Lenders with the tools and experience to achieve and increase its strategic potential.


The ability to quickly evaluate and structure an eligible SBA and USDA loan is important in establishing a competitive lending program. Windsor aids in the process by providing:

– Lender training on SBA and USDA rules & regulations
– Aid in development of effective term sheets
– Review of credit memos prior to submission to credit committee

The Windsor processing desk operates as a Lender helpdesk and is always available to answer any questions and guide Lenders to an eligible structure.

For efficient and accurate guidance on SBA and USDA loan eligibility questions, contact [email protected].

SBA Loan Underwriting

Underwrite SBA loans at scale by leveraging Loan Underwriting services with the nation’s leading SBA Lender Service Provider. Lenders across the country utilize Windsor’s team to underwrite SBA loans efficiently while providing premium customer support for borrowers.

– Ensure Compliance with Rigorous SBA Requirements
– Scale Your SBA Department with a Cost-Variable, Full-Scale Solution
– Enhance Your Borrower Experience with Dedicated Expert Support

SBA Loan Underwriting is available as a stand-alone service for new and existing clients. Underwriting may also be added to a full-service lender partnership. 

Processing & Closing

Windsor prepares and submits the application packages to the SBA and USDA, resulting in the timely receipt of an SBA and USDA “Authorization” under the SBA and USDA 7(a) program. In addition, Windsor completes or coordinates all of the necessary third party items such as searches, verifications, certifications, insurance, third party reports and loan documentation.

Windsor adjusts to the internal stipulations of each Lender and can coordinate directly with Operations, and/or help with the preparation of boarding sheets.

Loan Sales

Windsor prepares bid sheets and submits the opportunity to no less than eight (8) investors.

Windsor prepares all sale documentation and facilitates the loan transfer and sale with the investor and the SBA and USDA’s Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA).

Loan sale is typically settled within ten (10) days of loan funding.

Servicing & Operations

Windsor services the loan on behalf of the Lender in accordance with the standards set forth by the SOP 50 57 and the Lender’s internal policies and procedures.

Servicing functions include: billing, collection, payment processing, and SBA and USDA reporting and regulatory reporting. Windsor utilizes the leading SBA and USDA specific industry software for loan servicing. The servicing of the all loans is performed through bank accounts maintained at the Lender, providing full transparency to all cash management transactions.

Loan Audit

Within 15 days of funding, the Windsor Documentation Department prepares an electronic purchase package (10-Tab) to ensure all applicable items necessary for submission to the SBA and USDA for guarantee repurchase are organized consistently and available for future submission, if necessary.

Additionally, Windsor maintains comprehensive ticklers for reporting requirements and insurance as required by the Authorization.

Portfolio Management

Implementing proven controls focused on addressing both inherent and residual risks within an SBA and USDA portfolio is the fundamental building block of Windsor’s Portfolio Management strategy.

Utilizing a proven “monitor, assess, address” approach, Windsor successfully oversees and reports on more than $1.4 billion in government guaranteed loans for 85+ clients nationwide.

Special Assets

Intensive servicing consists of interim servicing actions with proper file documentation, workout/modification support and execution of liquidation/litigation plans.

Windsor provides Lenders with the resources to manage this task and ensure that all reported events are processed properly for the necessary approval and that the file is documented adequately to protect the Lender in the case of liquidation.

Multi-Draw and Construction Monitoring

Windsor Advantage’s Construction Multi-Draw Department is dedicated to streamlining the management of credit portfolios for our valued lenders. We handle every aspect of construction draw management, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

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