The Fintech Platform for Scaling SBA Loan Production

ACCEL from Windsor Advantage: the fintech-powered team for outsourcing SBA loans up to $500,000.


Scale SBA 'Small Loan' Production with ACCEL

Grow your SBA loan pipeline with ACCEL, the end-to-end cloud-based lending platform for SBA loans.

ACCEL functions as your white-labeled ‘Small Loan’ branch to streamline the underwriting, processing, and closing of SBA loans up to $500,000. Our team of experts powers the loan process with advanced cloud-based technology to improve the application experience from start to finish.

Close easier, fund faster, and win better relationships with ACCEL.

ACCEL: A Comprehensive Solution for Outsourcing SBA Loans

Our SBA Small Loan services enable lenders nationwide to offer SBA loans to their customers. As an extension of your institution, we take your deals from application to funding with as little or as much lender involvement as requested.

Client Facing Portal

The ACCEL Portal is the cornerstone of our tech. Our modern dashboard enables borrowers to easily upload and manage their application documents from start to finish.

Dedicated Experts

Leverage our experts for your institution's success. Our team stays with your borrower every step of the way, offering expert guidance and excellent customer service.

Small Loan Security

Compliance and security are at the forefront of ACCEL's tech. Our platform services 150+ banks and credit unions across the country with safe, secure SBA loan processing.

Loan Origination

ACCEL Lenders become part of our Windsor BankLink network, granting access to new deals vetted by Windsor Advantage's credit team.

The Power of Efficient Processing: Outsourcing SBA Small Loan Production with ACCEL

By thoughtfully combining technology with efficient processes and experienced staff, ACCEL provides lenders with the technology, user experience, and team needed to fund eligible loans quickly and efficiently.

Since 2010, our team has closed more than $1 billion of SBA 7(a) loans in all 50 states for hundreds of banks and credit unions. ACCEL was created to streamline SBA loan outsourcing with a compliant, efficient, and borrower-friendly platform. 

It is our mission to help all banks to participate in the SBA 7(a) Loan Program by removing the operational barriers to SBA lending.

By expanding the universe of banks focused on <$500,000 SBA loans, businesses benefit through reduced costs and increased access to capital. SBA lenders benefit with good loans and community reinvestment. It’s a win/win for both borrowers and banks.

End-to-End Cloud-Based Lending Software for SBA Loans:

Consolidated Dashboards for Borrowers and Lenders

Quickly gauge loan application status, next steps, and borrower-uploaded documents. Our interactive dashboard builds transparency into the process from the start.

Seamless Tech Integration on Your Site

Easily implement the ACCEL portal to your website. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your website, so borrowers can start the application process at your institution with the click of a button.

Secure Document Collection Through Accel Portal

ACCEL’s secure customer portal makes document collection and processing efficient, easy, and transparent. Our cloud-based software modernizes SBA lending without compromising compliance.

Dedicated Processing Team

Your small loan borrower deserves a top-tier customer experience. ACCEL assigns a dedicated point of contact to each step of the SBA loan process. We take care of borrowers as if they were our own, providing expert answers to some of their most nuanced SBA questions.

Net Good for Your Brand

Our experts are an extension of your brand. Over 150 lenders trust our team to walk their borrowers through the SBA loan process from start to finish. Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves (and for our lenders).

How to Use the ACCEL Platform

Demo your borrower’s SBA loan experience. Walk through the SBA loan application on Accel’s user-friendly interface for new SBA borrowers.

Refining Your Competitive Advantage in the New Age of SBA Lending

New SBA loan program changes in 2023 increase the need and profitability of Small Loan processing. Learn how ACCEL can help your institution stand apart.

ACCEL pairs technology with an expert SBA team. We don’t just rely on software. Our branch acts as an extension of your back office, allowing your institution to be as involved throughout the process as you’d like.

Assuming full borrower cooperation and timely responses, small loans are typically funded through ACCEL in 21-35 days.

Yes. ACCEL is a full-service outsourced SBA department for Small Loans (up to $500,000). Your institution can introduce SBA Small Loans into your product offering as soon as you become an ACCEL client.

Lenders and borrower alike benefit from using ACCEL to process SBA loans of $500,000 or less. Borrower benefits include:

  • more efficient timelines
  • more convenient application
  • more transparent process, which leads to better customer experience and enhanced trust in their lender

ACCEL is a branch of the Windsor Advantage LSP which offers SBA loan outsourcing with no loan amount cap. Many Windsor Advantage clients also sign on with ACCEL for dedicated Small Loan processing. 

Our 5-Star Reviews Are Yours, Too

Our best reviews are those left for our clients. Read what real borrowers have said about working with our team.


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