Outsourced Loan Underwriting

Your Loan Department, Fully Staffed By SBA Experts.

Seamlessly Scale SBA Loan Production

Underwrite SBA loans at scale by leveraging Loan Underwriting services with the nation’s leading SBA Lender Service Provider (LSP). Lenders across the country utilize Windsor’s team to underwrite SBA loans with confidence while providing premium customer support for borrowers.

Underwrite with Confidence, Safeguard for Compliance, and Provide Borrowers with Premium Support.

Ensure Compliance

The SBA's highly regulated loan programs demand expertise in the current environment and the ability to quickly adapt to changes. Our team expertly addresses all SBA compliance in addition to internal credit policies.

Scale Your SBA Staff

Add SBA experts to your team without the additional overhead. Our underwriters are dedicated to the SBA space. We streamline the specialized underwriting required for successful SBA lending, freeing your team's time and resources.

Enhance Borrower Experience

Our SBA Underwriting team acts as a white-labeled solution for your SBA department. Our experts stay with your borrower throughout every step of the SBA application to offer expert guidance and excellent customer service.

Streamline Small Loans with Tech: ACCEL

Our tech-enabled small loan underwriting platform, ACCEL, enables lenders to process more loans with maximum efficiency. Make SBA small loans a profitable piece of your pipeline.

Benefits of Leveraging an LSP for
Loan Underwriting

Underwriting services from Windsor Advantage enable lending institutions with the expertise, infrastructure, and competitive edge to succeed in the SBA lending space. 

Underwriting clients at Windsor Advantage have a fully staffed, fully compliant SBA team on demand to facilitate immediate growth in the world of SBA lending.

Make SBA lending a profitable part of your institution by leveraging outsourced SBA underwriting services.

Windsor SBA loan underwriting services allow for a variable-cost, full-service underwriting team. 

Our SBA-specialized team of underwriters is experienced in taking borrowers through the loan process as efficiently as possible. Maximize internal resources while offering SBA loans to your borrowers without taxing internal resources or process.

SBA lending is highly regulated and constantly evolving. The Underwriting team remains at the forefront of SBA procedural changes and environmental shifts.

Our team provides clients with in-depth guidance for navigating the changing SBA landscape while adapting services to meet the latest standards, protecting the interests of borrowers and their lenders alike. Our underwriters are equipped to support your institution by quickly adapting to the latest changes set by revisions to the SOP and SBA-issued procedural changes.

Interested in learning from our SBA underwriters? Access Windsor Advantage’s public resource library.

In a world of capital on demand, offer borrowers a premium customer experience to set your institution apart. Our Underwriters walk borrowers through every step of the SBA loan process, providing support and answers in real-time from a real human.

Our team works on your behalf, becoming an extension of your lending department. Read what borrowers have said about their lenders thanks to the Windsor Advantage team. >> 

Continue to evolve with support from Windsor Advantage. Our team hosts ongoing training for BDOs and lenders around the country to help them identify SBA loans and understand the latest in SOP requirements. We believe in not only providing excellent services, but the insight and knowledge to continue to succeed in the SBA world for years to come.

Our team is with yours every step of the way.

Improve Your Borrower Experience with Expert-Powered SBA Underwriting

Our best reviews are those left for our clients. Read real Google reviews our clients received about the SBA financing experience powered by the Windsor Advantage Underwriting team.


Loan Underwriting Process

The Loan Underwriting Process at Windsor Advantage is divided into four (4) phases:

The Eligibility & Structuring phase is to be used by Lenders who require assistance determining:

i) whether a potential transaction is eligible for the SBA 7(a) program and/or 

ii) need advice on how to properly structure the transaction to fit the parameters of the SBA 7(a) program. 

This is an “as needed” step in the Windsor Underwriting process.

For questions regarding deals at this stage, email [email protected]

The Intake & Pre-Assessment phase of the Windsor Underwriting Process starts with the initial submission of a new transaction by Lender to Windsor. 

Upon receipt of a new transaction, a Windsor Underwriting Manager will review the key information and conduct a cursory review of the loan file to determine if there is enough information for the transaction to be assigned to a Windsor Underwriter for formal analysis and underwriting.

The Credit Analysis & Memo phase of the Windsor Underwriting Process starts with a Windsor Underwriter being assigned to the transaction. 

From there, the underwriter will conduct a more thorough review of the loan file/request, spread the financials, and craft an SBA-compliant draft credit memorandum for Lender review.

The Lender Approval phase starts with the Windsor Underwriter providing Lender with a draft credit memorandum. Lender will then review the memo with the Windsor Underwriter completing any requested edits, changes, etc. from Lender. 

Lender will then approve (or deny) the loan request via Lender’s approval process. Approved transactions will then transition from Windsor Underwriting to the Windsor Processing department for SBA authorization and closing.

Getting Started: Next Steps

Start working with Windsor Advantage for Loan Underwriting services. 

Get Started with Windsor Advantage

Connect with our team to learn more about outsourced SBA Underwriting services with the nation’s leading LSP. A representative will be in touch shortly.

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