SBA Lender Service Providers

As the nation's leading LSP, Windsor Advantage offers comprehensive SBA loan underwriting, processing, and servicing operations for some of the nation's top SBA lenders.

What is a Lender Service Provider (LSP)?

A lender service provider is defined by the Small Business Administration as an agent responsible for various activities related to the processing, servicing, and ongoing maintenance of an SBA loan portfolio. We view our role as an LSP to be a true partnership with our clients, providing a level of operational support that is most conducive to their goals for launching, scaling, and/or maintaining a dedicated department for government-guaranteed small business lending.  

Our service offering enables Windsor Advantage to be a singular solution for US-based lenders to offer SBA loans at their institution without incurring upfront costs and overhead. Windsor Advantage’s LSP agreement enables banks and credit unions to fully outsource their SBA loan processing and servicing with a compliant, modern SBA lending partner.

What services does Windsor Advantage offer as a Lender Service Provider (LSP)?

Windsor Advantage provides a comprehensive outsourced SBA and USDA platform to lending institutions across the country. Windsor Advantage’s services encompass everything from borrower education to consultative strategy. This turn-key solution is provided on a variable cost basis with no minimum volume requirements. We define our services across eight functional silos:

These services fall into three primary categories: SBA Loan Processing, SBA Loan Servicing, and SBA Loan Origination. Lenders may choose to enter into an LSP agreement for all three service categories if leveraging Windsor as a full-scope outsourced department.

Windsor Advantage LSP Services:

SBA Processing & Closing

Windsor works directly with borrowers to prepare and submit application packages to the SBA and USDA for a timely receipt of “Authorization” under the SBA and USDA programs.

SBA Loan Servicing

The servicing of the all loans is performed through bank accounts maintained at the Lender, providing full transparency to all cash management transactions.

(NEW) SBA Loan Origination

In addition to loan underwriting, processing, and servicing, Windsor Advantage has introduced loan origination to offer lenders a fully comprehensive partnership.

Our mission hinges on a single, radical idea: care about your borrower. Care enough to provide an expert-backed experience that's worthy of an institution supporting borrowers through some of their biggest and most important business decisions. We provide service that we'd like to see extended to our own clients and colleagues by merging technology with top-notch service that benefits lenders and their customers."

How does using an LSP for SBA loans work?

Many of our lenders leverage Windsor Advantage as a full service, outsourced SBA lending department. Borrowers interact with Windsor Advantage’s team from the first steps of Underwriting through closing, maintaining a consistent level of borrower support with our experts working on the lender’s behalf. 

Windsor prepares and submits the application packages to the SBA and USDA, resulting in the timely receipt of an SBA and USDA “Authorization” under the SBA and USDA 7(a) program. 

In addition, Windsor completes or coordinates all necessary third-party items such as searches, verifications, certifications, insurance, third-party reports, and loan documentation.

Windsor adjusts to the internal stipulations of each Lender and can coordinate directly with Operations, and/or help with the preparation of boarding sheets.

What are the benefits of using an SBA LSP?

Leveraging an LSP to outsource SBA lending for your bank or credit union can be mutually beneficial for lenders and borrowers alike. SBA loans require a highly specialized process and extensive education to maintain efficiency, compliance, and profitability for the lender.

The LSP relationship is mutually beneficial for lenders and borrowers throughout the SBA loan application and funding process. 

Lender Benefits

  • Increased security and compliance. Windsor’s extensive history in the SBA space gives lenders peace of mind.
  •  Streamlined operations. Our technology makes secure, compliant document collection simple.
  • Increased profitability. Process more loans with less overhead and meet the demand for SBA loans at scale.

Borrower Benefits

  • Enhanced transparency. Borrowers are met with appropriate and accurate expectations based on our expert-level understanding throughout the SBA loan process.
  • Expedited funding process thanks to our tech-enabled application portal.
  •  Improved customer experience. Empower your borrower with premium-level customer support for SBA loans.

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