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Newsletter Archive: SBA Lending News

Browse prior editions covering SBA SOP news, SBA loan underwriting changes, and analyses of current lending trends curated for the new landscape of SBA lending.

2023 Secondary Market Data

A Recap of Q1 2024 Resources, Including an Updated SBA Secondary Market Outlook with 2023 data.

Equity Injection Requirements

A Summary of Changes Made By SOP 50 10 7.1, Plus 6 Questions To Use For Developing Internal Written SBA Equity Injection Policy.

Q1 2024 SBA News

2024's Strong Start: A Probable Small Loan Surge, New Loan Origination Support, and How To Document Equity Injections.

Now Trending: Small Loans

American Banker Reports SBA Lending Shift, Prompts Question: Is Your Institution Ready to Scale Your Small Loan Pipeline?

Introducing BankLink

Connecting SBA Lenders to Borrowers, Ushering in Digital Transformation. Learn more about the new platform for borrowers.

Exceptions for Lease Terms

SBA Underwriting Quick Tip: New Guidance on Exceptions for Lease Terms. Clarity on SOP 50 10 7.1 from the SBA.

Q3 2023 SBA News

Maintaining Momentum During Uncertainty. Navigating Shutdown Fears, NEW New SOP, and Underwriting at Scale.
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