The 2022 Mid-Year
Lending Report

Outlook of the 7(a) loan program in 2022 by the nation’s leading LSP.

What's Inside

A forecast of key market dynamics shaping the current outlook for government-guaranteed lenders, including:

  • Increased Popularity of SBA Programs Throughout Recent Years
  • Changes to Underwriting Procedures Amid Increased Regulatory Oversight
  • Recent Secondary Market Responses and 2022 Premium Pricing Data
  • Impacts of Economic Recovery Efforts
  • The Role of Technology in the Future of Lending

“We hope this report provides SBA professionals with the data-driven insight needed to understand SBA lending today to better prepare for success in the years to come.”

– Will McClain | CEO, Windsor Advantage

Explore by Topic

SBA 7(a) Trends at a Glance

  • Overview the state of SBA lending with Will McClain, President & CEO, Windsor Advantage.
  • Understand national SBA lending trends at a glance.
  • Explore new opportunities for lenders illuminated by FY Q1 and Q2 2022 data.

Underwriting & Compliance

  • Learn how underwriting procedures are impacted by recent regulatory scrutiny and the SBA’s new focuses.
  • Prevent delays by addressing these risk flags. Featuring insight by Brent Ciurlino, Former Director, OCRM.
  • Understand how business valuations have responded to economic conditions. Featuring insight by Neal Patel, Founder & Chief Appraiser, Reliant Business Valuation

statistic depicting sba seccondary market response

Secondary Market Outlook

  • Understand how current conditions and uncertainty are shaping the secondary market.
  • Access pricing data for 7(a) 10-year and 25-year premiums sold this year.
  • Learn how to adapt your strategy to account for recent changes.

The Future of SBA Lending

  • Plan for the incentivized changes that could shape lender strategy this year.
  • Adapt to current and anticipated borrower needs.
  • Understand the opportunities for technology to disrupt the future of SBA lending. Featuring insight by Chuck Evans, Executive VP for Lender Development & Training, Windsor Advantage.

Download the Full Mid-Year Report

midyear sba data report cover

Read the complete SBA lending forecast from the nation’s leading Lender Service Provider. The full version of the report includes:

  • National SBA Data Trends at a Glance
  • Updates to Compliance & Underwriting Procedures
  • SBA Secondary Market Outlook with Pricing Data
  • Predictions for the Future of SBA Lending

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